A Book About DES Exposure

DES daughters, mothers, and sons tell in their own words, their stories of DES

DES exposure is one of the most important health events of of our time. It is an unprecedented medical disaster effecting millions of people. DES was the first synthetic estrogen used in the mistaken belief it could prevent miscarriage. Ten million Americans are exposed to DES, and hundreds of thousands were exposed in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Interestingly, DES is a landmark epidemiological case. DES stands as the clearest example of second-generation reproductive harm linked to worldwide endocrine disrupting chemicals.

DES Stories shares medical stories, research, and timeline in portraits and first-person stories. The book spotlights the emerging science on environmental exposures and reproductive illness. DES Stories honors millions of people exposed to diethylstilbestrol and brings home the mythic tale of DES with real-life stories.